Tourism is everyone’s business

Tourism is everyone’s business

By Sakkie Somyo, Intengu Communications


On behalf of Intengu Communications, a warm welcome to what is undoubtedly a very significant event on our city’s calendar.

Today sees the launch of Buffalo City’s very first, dedicated tourism magazine – an important and highly significant step in the promotion of tourism development in our region.

All of us here tonight are very proud of this initiative. Not only because of the magazine that we produced, but also because those of us who have long held tourism close to our hearts, know only too well what an important role this critical sector plays in our local and regional economies.

Tourism is EVERYONE’S business.

Certainly it is the business of the product owners – from the hoteliers and the restaurant owners to the crafters and the young entrepreneurs whose very livelihoods are so heavily dependent on seasonal incomes.

But it extends much further than that.

All of us who live or work in this city benefit in one way or another from an increase in tourism spend. As such, all of us share in the responsibility to help our city put her best foot forward.

Government certainly has a role to play, but the bigger responsibility lies with us, the voice and the face and the HEART of this beautiful part of our country. That is because tourism belongs to all of us. It is a very valuable asset – maybe one of region’s most valuable assets – and we need to join hands and join forces to ensure that we develop this asset to her fullest potential.

None of us can do it alone. Not government, not the product owners, certainly not the writers or publishers of this magazine. But together we can achieve an awful lot.

Together, we can begin to rewrite our story. We can begin to change hearts and minds and perceptions about what Buffalo City and the wider Amathole regions offer, and what our guests can expect when they visit us.

Together we can begin to harness the fantastic potential of this region, and turn it into something concrete and tangible.

The good news is that there is already so much for us to celebrate. And so much to tell the rest of the country about.

And that is what this magazine is all about. It is about showcasing some of the great tourism initiatives throughout our region, and the talented and enterprising people who are working so tirelessly to grow our tourism value adds.

I hope, as you take the time to read through the magazine, that you discover new and exciting places, people and ideas. And that you will share these great initiatives with your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues, but most importantly, the people who visit our city from other parts of the country.

Therefore, as we celebrate this new initiative, I urge you: Let us all become active ambassadors of tourism. Not only for our own products or our own establishments, but for the wider region. Only when we begin to be our region’s best advertisement, and when we all join together to showcase what we are and what we have to offer, will we truly see tourism take off in our region.

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